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1. Madina Arabic – Book 1 Lesson 1 Part 1

The Arabic language has 29 letters of Alphabet where 28 letters have speech sounds with the Alif serving two purpose

  1. Elongates a consonant as in كِتاَبٌ
  2. Acts as a bearer of Hamza as in أَبٌ

All Arabic words are divided into three as noun (إِسْمٌ), verb (فِعْلٌ) and particle (حَرْفٌ)

Around 70% of all Arabic words in the Arabic language are nouns and the first of the Madina Arabic book series covers all aspects of nouns. 

Nouns are further classified according to their gender, All Arabic nouns have a gender as masculine (مُذَكَّرٌ) or feminine (مُءَنَّسٌ)

Every noun in Arabic also has a number as singular (مُفْرَدٌ), dual (مُثَنىَّ) or plural (جَمْعٌ).