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A2 – Pillars of Iman

Definition of Iman

Pillars of Iman

The Pillars of Iman are Six
it is to believe in…

  1. Allah – In his Existence, In Oneness of His Lordship (Ruboobiyah), In Oneness of His Worship (Uloohiyah) and In Oneness of his Names and Attributes (Asmaʾ wa’ṣ Ṣifaat).
  2. His Angels – Created from light for obeying Allah’s Orders
  3. His Books – The Torah of Prophet Musa عليه السلام, The Injeel of Prophet Isa عليه السلام, The Zaboor of Prophet Dawood عليه السلام and the Qur’an which was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed صلى الله عليه وسلم which is the Last and Final of all. 
  4. His Messengers – The Messengers were sent to all nations, Prophet Nuh عليه السلام being the first of them and Prophet Muhammed صلى الله عليه وسلم being the last of them. 
  5. The Last Day – The day of resurrections for the reckoning of mankind according to their deeds and their compensation (Paradise or Hell)
  6. To believe in Qadar (Divine Preordainment) – To believe that all which occurs of good and evil is by Devine Decree, accompanied by the employment of means to achieve desired results with satisfaction of what happens of good of bad — because it all occurs by the Decree of Allah. 
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